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About Us!

Bio Health Jewelry has been supplying businesses and startups with health jewelry for over 10yrs. The demand for health jewelry is steadily growing as people become more aware of alternative means to help the body to selfheal. Homeopathic therapy has been around for centuries utilizing the effects of high powered magnets for pain relief and help with arthritis issues as well as negative ions and Far-infrared rays to help combat the negative effect, positive ions have on our body. While today’s technology has improved, simplified, and secured our environment, it has simultaneously created some significant negative health ramifications. Our increased exposure to chemicals, electromagnetic discharge, and other neurological and physical toxins has paralleled rising rates of cancers, stress, sleep disorders and a myriad of accompanying illnesses. Computers, cellular telephones, and the electronics within cars all play a part in creating an increase in our positive ion exposure. Today’s automobiles and residences are tightly sealed, further lessening our abilities to truly recharge our bodies. Our bodies are simply producing a natural response to unnatural stimuli and is why the use of negative ions are so important to help balance this positive ion exposure. At Bio Health Jewelry our mixed variety of products for both men and women, uses materials such as silicone, leather, ceramic, stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, in a range of products from bracelets, necklaces, bangles, and watches that utilize the health properties of Negative ions, far-infrared rays, high power ND magnets and germanium. We also customize products with corporate logos which is a great way to send a message to employees that you care. We don’t pretend that we have a cure for any ailment there is growing trend for these accessories and we try to bring you the best at what is available. So please check out our new web site and send us your comments and likes and don’t forget to support us by purchasing. For wholesale purchasing there is no minimum order quantity for stock items, but the best pricing always begins at 200pcs or more. Customized orders there is always an MOQ of at least 200pcs. For our complete stock item list please email us your request and we will respond in 24hrs, too see some of our items please visit our web site. Our turnaround time for bulk orders placed to shipping is usually 10days to 3 weeks depending on the volume and date of order. we always require 50% deposit and balance before we ship. We accept credit cards and PayPal. Please send all requests via email.